About Me

I am a first year medical-biology major on a pre-med track. I would love to someday become an OB/GYN. This desire became very prominent my senior year in high school. I have wanted to be a doctor of some sort for as long as I can remember, and this dream started to become a reality when I had the opportunity to job shadow an OB/GYN for 6 weeks. Before the shadowing began, I wanted to be a neonatologist, which I had wanted to be since my sister was born in 2009. My sister was in a NICU for a long period of time and I desperately felt the need to do more and help families and babies that go through the same thing. I thought that this is what I would become for sure when a neonatologist diagnosed my sister with cancer at only a couple weeks old and I had to go to the hospital and say goodbye to her. That is still the most horrific and sad day of my life. My mom then had a gut feeling and had a second opinion done, to find out that my sister was chronically anemic and had acid reflux. Since that day, I have wanted to be a better doctor than that particular one was, as they caused a great deal of sadness for my entire family. So, for my senior project, I wanted to job shadow a neonatologist but none were available in the time frame that I had, so I ended up shadowing an OB. I wasn’t extremely excited at first, but little did I know this would be life changing. I got to sit in on 2 hysterectomies, multiple exams, and helped deliver a baby boy. That is when I knew that dealing with very sick babies was not what I wanted to do, as this would wear on my heart. I wanted to help bring babies into this world.